Green Nightingale

Cannabis Education & Yoga Therapy

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Cannabis education, patient advocacy, navigating through State and Federal law.


Green Nightingale understands that finding presence and balance in every moment is what gives us purpose, meaning and joy.

CBD Body Products

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Growing advice for cannabis and vegetables. Cannabis is medicine. Food is medicine. What we put on our crops invariably makes its way into our bodies.


My Holistic Approach

at Green Nightingale

As a seasoned RN, Yoga Therapist, Organic Farmer, and Cannabis Nurse Educator I am ready

to help you find your best self be it by balancing your nervous system on a yoga mat and or by

boosting your own unique endocannabinoid system's ability to find mental and physical balance.

Teaching Yoga - Yoga Therapy

Pure Joy Farm
Organic Farmer

Why Choose Green Nightingale?

We offer a wide range of services and green products for holistic living and lifestyle.  Providng a guiding light on your path to healing your mind, body, and spirit. Professional Advocacy, Holistic Therapies, Integrative Approaches and Solutions to chronic illness and dis-ease based on emerging science innovations.

Like Florence Nightingale who devoted her life to radically transforming nursing, hospital environments and policies, my work fosters a healthy environment for recovery and daily wellness for your mind, body and soul.  Green Nightingale promotes new innovations in science-based healing. We  provide services and products to improve your lifestyle.  We utilize the latest research and a methodical approach to wellness to boost the efficiency of the [13 systems] of the body.

We’re on the forefront of a new age in health care and wellness. I provide a new health care model which optimizes your body’s ability to heal, through Full Spectrum CBD products, yoga therapy, or by improving what you eat through organic farming classes and consultations.