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About Debra

Through her work as a registered nurse, yoga therapist, and organic farmer, Debra has a strong understanding of  the human being within the human body.  She has witnessed profound bio-psycho-social transformational healing through a blend of ancient philosophy and wisdom along side modern bio-medical research. Following evidence-based breakthroughs, her holistic healthcare model treats both the symptoms

and the person.

Cannabis Nurse
+ Educator

Debra has been a staff RN for Cape Cod Healthcare for nearly 30 years. Starting with an A.D. from Cape Cod Community College, she then obtained a B.S. in Nursing from UMASS Boston. She has worked in Medical/Surgical Nursing, Critical Care, Recovery Room, and Operating Room.

She is a member of  the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) and has certified through The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI).

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Yoga Therapist

+ Teacher

Debra certified in Kripalu style Hatha Yoga at the 200hr. level with Kind Yogi Diane Kovanda in 2008. Her practice is influenced by many instructors as well as her professors at Maryland University of Integrated Health where she is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy. 


She teaches an embodied blend of movement therapy, including traditional asana, vinyasa, somatic yoga, with emphasis on myofascial release self-care techniques, fused with breath work, and mindfulness meditation.

Debra Specializes in

in Yoga Therapy for Pelvic Floor Health

Chronic Pain, Grief, Stress, Panic and Anxiety.

"My mission is to help you find relief using uniquely crafted individualized  tools blending ancient body mind spirit wisdom with current biomedical research to help you live your most meaningful balanced life".

Pure Joy


Anandamide is the endocannabinoid known as the bliss molecule, from ananda, the Sanskrit word for bliss.

It is  the sublime happiness that fills Debra as her hands are in the dirt cultivating whole food love.


Pure Joy Farm sells their line of organic cbd small batch crafted body products including Puma Balm joint and muscle rub through

Debra's offers her knowledge and methods through educational classes and consultations for your green gardening needs, helping you turn your bountiful harvest into powerful healing medicine. 

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